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Roro: A Catalyst for Innovation at CES 2024

Future tech
Sohini Bhattacharya
Marketing Manager
December 18, 2023

CES 2024, the global platform where innovators gather to showcase breakthrough technologies, is just around the corner. And we're thrilled to announce that Roro will be a part of this grand spectacle.

Why Roro?

We've been instrumental in crafting applications that communicate with smart devices, making us a crucial player in the CES landscape. Since 2017, our creations have consistently captured attention at CES. Our partnerships with major brands and our solutions for IoT-based challenges make us a must-meet at the event.

Our Track Record

We've had the privilege of working with some of the leading names in the industry:


We've partnered with Eyrus to design an IoT-based security system that enhances workforce visibility. Read more about the story here.

Precision Pro Golf:

Our role involved creating companion apps for their range finders. Find more about this project here.

Brow Magic:

Our collaboration with L'Oréal's tech-incubator led to the development of cutting-edge products for various brands. Learn more here.

Harbor Lockers:

We teamed up with Harbor to innovate smart locker solutions for leading brands such as UPS. Read the full story here.

Our Solution to the IoT Conundrum:

Building the right prototype can consume months, often leading to miscommunication between product owners and hardware teams. We're developing a no-code platform, tentatively named 'Bridge', to streamline this process. With 'Bridge', you can:

• Define flows with straightforward building blocks.

• Generate mock firmware and communication protocol.

• Enable the software team to build with mock firmware.

• Provide the hardware team with a significant head-start.

• And the product owner? They get to relax with a beer.What We Seek at CES 2024

We're looking to forge valuable connections and collaborate with relevant clients who value innovation and out-of-the-box thinking.
Our Areas of Interest
• Internet of Things (IoT)
• Beauty-tech
• Sports-tech
• Health-tech
• Artificial Intelligence (AI)
• Augmented Reality (AR)

We're excited about the themes at CES 2024: Beauty Tech, AR & VR, IoT, Wearable Health Technology, Remote Patient Monitoring, Integrated Digital Health, Smart Cities and more.Why Should You Meet Us?

Innovation thrives on collaboration. At Roro, we believe that our presence at CES 2024 will open new doors of opportunity, ignite ideas, and foster partnerships. As pioneers in IoT, Beauty Tech, Health Technology, AR & VR, we're excited to explore the potential of these technologies at CES 2024. Meeting us there will provide you with insights into the future of these industries, and how our expertise can help your business innovate.

Remember, the future is built together. And we're excited to build it with you at CES 2024.Contact us to schedule a meeting.

"The best way to predict the future is to create it." - Peter Drucker

Roro at CES 2024

# Roro at CES 2024 def meet_us(): return "See you at CES 2024!" print(meet_us())

See you at CES 2024!

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